To New Beginnings


I like to believe that one day this in fact could be true. That I will only focus on the positive and make the best of it, but at this very moment I can’t. My first reaction for everything will always be to worry if it was I who made the mistake, or made a wrong move, said the wrong thing. It could in fact just end up being nothing like almost every time it is but that would just be to easy for me. If there was no worry building up inside of me every second then well sadly I would just not be living. Its always the same story nothing last forever, which is why I hope to worry less and just enjoy every moment even though it’s with doubt. Who knows maybe this might now lead to an end but to many beginnings.
Sweet dreams,


Hozier, Thanks For Being There

*heavy sigh* That’s how its been for me these past weeks, sigh after sigh. There’s the *loving sigh*, *confusing sigh*, *tired sigh* and lastly the *reliving sigh*. I’ve enjoyed every single one of them but sometimes sighs say more than words themselves. Since I’ve last posted I believe I was in a somewhat good note with life, and I’m still somewhat the same, just this time I’m tired and confused. Which is why I am very thankful to have Hozier’s entire album one click away. Lately every song I’ve heard answers a question I can’t quite ask but very much think. I’ve recently discovered something new about me, although it was more like a realization, and I opened myself up yet again to someone. It was something new for me, went into it blindfolded but ready to take it slow. That’s when Hozier made me question myself with “Someone New”. Did I really just go into this cause I need that fill of whats been missing? Am I just trying to settle? Do I just want to dip my toes in? That was when I asked my dear old friend Pandora and “Foreigners God” was my answer. Now I know what your thinking how can a simple music station be the future of my life, well yes its that simple. Hozier was basically singing about my depressing life and telling me that someone out there is going to try and breakdown my walls and I should just let them try. & I did. Which had me singing “Work Song’ at the top of my lungs. Enjoying every moment of it & experiencing things that felt new but completely comfortable. “When my time comes around lay me gently in the cold dark earth, no grave can hold my body down, I’ll crawl home to her.” Now I ask you Hozier what comes next? How can you answer my next question when yet I don’t even know what to ask? Cause I’ve hit a stone on the road & i’m not sure if I should pick it up and put it to the side or if I should pick it up and take it with me to the end of the road. Maybe I should be asking Adele some of these questions but all she tells me is that I’m there one and only which is complete and utter bullshit. Adele may have gotten through heartbreak cause she made $$$Bills but this one here all shes gaining is anxiety and possibly extra pounds. I guess time is my only friend for now.

Free To Ride

Writer’s Block Party
When was the last time you experienced writer’s block? What do you think brought it about — and how did you dig your way out of it?
Via The Daily Post

All of 2014 was my writers block, yeah I know it was a long period. One whole year without picking up a pen and having that fine point meet up with a single piece of paper. I have a feeling many factors contributed from completing many chapters in my life, and beginning a few others. Starting an amazing job and not being able to time manage between writing or reading on my days off. As well as always wanting to sleep because life was just back handing me over and over again. Inspiration, well it slowly began to just slip away. The feeling of becoming that aspired writer didn’t seem to fit well in my future. Let alone what is my future? As of today I have no idea. I’m a dreamer, one who believes she can be everything her heart desires. I want to know a little about everything so when I take my last breath its because of exhaustion cause I’ve tried it all. For me to choose a set career is the hardest thing & I will never do but now thinking about it I believe I have… writing. It won’t make me rich, I will probably never become a best selling author & I might be paid minimum for the rest of my life but one things for sure, I will be free.
I guess that answers the next question, how did I get out of my writers block? Simply realizing the importance of my life. No one has it easy that’s why we find these distractions hat make us feel anything is better than nothing.
In this moment I am free to ride along.


$10k in One Week…What Would You Do?

Seven Days
You wake up tomorrow morning to find all your plans have been cancelled for the next seven days and $10,000 on your dresser. Tell us about your week. Via Daily Post
Well it would be a miracle and have me believing that our sweet baby Jesus is in fact listening. I would probably start out my week just bumming it Monday thru Thursday trying to stragize how much is going where and for what. I am an absolute planner at least when it come to financial situations. I am also a huge procrastinator which will explain why I will wait till Friday to begin paying off old bills and finding a new place for both my family & then for myself. Lord knows I am quite odd. I love my peace and quiet & wouldn’t mind just walking around topless in underwear. Not needing to shout “Is anyone else here?” every time I’m out of the shower. Sometimes a girls just feels like sleeping and walking around in her birthday suit, its normal and natural. I’d give maybe $200 to my brothers to by whatever they felt they needed. Also give my  sisters some fun money for whatever they felt was necessary. Most importantly I would buy myself a new fucking phone cause this one has a damn cracked screen which makes it impossible to blog and read. I would end my week with visiting all book stores around me and blowing a good chunck or this loot in books. Every damn book my heart desired I would just purchase. Who am I kidding I am irresponsible, id probably just end up blowing the complete $10,000 in opening my own library.


Who I Was & Who I Am

I’ve been lost and unsure not knowing what to do but I have thought it through & I’m coming back. Though it might not be the greatest it will be enough to satisfy my soul. So much is couped inside this mind that its ready to spill out little by little. Words are the only thing to have any logic in this world for me & writing is the only thing that keeps me sane in this life. I have let it go for too long and have grown to know what it is to be lost. To get swept under a rug and forgotten.To believe it was alright because that’s where it belonged but not anymore. Today it changes. Yesterday it was me but today I become who I am.

February 25, 2015

We radiate light from our hearts- our soul. We express it with our body. we showcase it with our life. ~N.D
“My eyes, my lips

my heart, my soul.

They’re yours to conquer, 

now and forever more.” 

It’s been over a year but felt the sudden urge to pick up a pen and write again, even if just for a brief moment. Just as always the word ‘conquer’ came to mind & I went from there. It’s no Bronte or Poe but it is a little bit of me.


To Be In Love or In Lust

Lovers by Jarek Puczel

This here ↑↑ brings a lot to mind, reason being simple, will I ever be in love or will it always simply be lust? I’ve never actually fallen in love with an actual nobody but I have fallen in love with many somebody’s who actually might not count; Rob Lowe, Synyster Gates, Christian Grey, Ryan Gosling, Heath Ledger etc. but an actual acquaintance, never. In all honesty and I’m trying not to sound all giddy & cliché but who really knows what love is, let alone what falling in love really looks or feels like. I can conclude with what I’ve seen and heard is that many believe  when you do “fall in love” you’ll know it. Now the question is how will I know when I know? What I can tell you is every time I see a potential candidate for “the one” all I feel is extreme heat. It’s somewhat of a mixture between butterflies exiting just below the stomach added with a spark of fire which ignites chills all over my skin. I’m almost certain that my friend is lust in it’s most powerful force. This being said, I’ve seen a great amount of heartbreak in my short 18 years of living. Seen relationships go smoothly and end roughly. From opening one’s heart to seeing it shot down from 20 stories high, as well as putting the pieces back together and once again getting it hammered into a thousand pieces. It all goes back to the same question, “will it always be lust” and it could quite possibly always be that way due to slight fear. Seeing and hearing about all this heartbreak caused by “love” makes is sound so “eh” & lust sound so much more appetizing. Maybe I will never be able to open my heart to someone or who knows there is possibly someone out there in this world getting ready at this very moment to tilt me on my axis. All I do know is I will continue to fall into lust  every chance I get because at least it’s feeling something rather than the illusion of something.

Looking Forward To Tomorrow

It has been quite some time since the last time I’ve logged on and checked my WordPress & my oh my was I shocked to see how great my views are doing. Of course some might be accidental clicks or spam but who knows there might be some freaks out there that actually find my ways fascinating. Whatever the reason might be I’m absolutely beguiled with the idea & respond with an update on how life has been treating me.
First let’s begin with the orange apron, I’ve been working at The Home Depot for about 2 months and I have to say replacing my red vest with an orange apron was the greatest decision I’ve made. I won’t bash Michael’s in a bad way because it was the perfect first job, gained some experience and met amazing people, but the feeling faded when I was transferred to another store. Of course I knew being transferred to a store across the country there would be many differences in the managing of stores, but in the end it was too much for me and yet wasn’t enough. Yes it was a tough 2 months until I was employed again but in the end it has paid off (literally). I’m satisfied with where I am at the moment, with work, and hope to remain here for as long as I can.
Next comes the whole school thing, sadly I will not be attending this year and probably next year either, reason being transportation. Yes I know many work (even 2 jobs) and still manage to go to school without a car, but I would find it very difficult. Especially since I can’t just think about myself, if I had a non stop busy schedule there wouldn’t be enough time to help out my family. Might seem like an idiotic reason or choice but it’s just the way I see it. Also when would I even find the time to read a good book? I’m not dropping out of school for good it’ s just taking a break to save up money to pay off my $1000 ticket from high school to finally be able to get my license and buy myself a motorcycle or car <—–BOO!!!!
Being completely honest I have just been too lazy to write these past months but after seeing that some of you out there is reading I guess I’ll try to do it more often. No promises on it being a daily thing but I could at least try doing it weekly, cause trust me there are many things I’ve been wanting to share but have been to lazy to start up my laptop. One being the AMAZING books I have been reading from Sinners On Tour to finding out Colleen Hoover is one of my favorite authors. As well as the new music I have been exploring let’s just say who knew I would have ever enjoyed Pantera & Anthrax. Yes you read that right. I hope to keep my word and post soon but till then I leave you with this:
-Alondra Osnaya

Book Of The Week: Fever & Rush

Maya Bank’s ‘Rush’ & ‘Fever’ follows 39-year-old Gabe & Jace, life long best friends, who fall hard into love in the most unexpected ways. Let’s begin with ‘Rush’ the first installment in the Breathless Trilogy. this book takes us through Gabe & Mia’s instant heated chemistry, the only thing holding them back is the fact that she is Jace’s baby sister. Neither of them want to see a lifelong friendship end up in the gutter so they decide to keep it a secret but we all know that secrets never stay hidden. Before I get to that part I should shed some light on the infamous contract Gabe has Mia sign, basically it states she’s his & he can do anything his wicked heart desires. From bondage, whips, butt plugs etc. you name it he’s probably willing to try. Of course she agrees & the relationship goes long and hard (pun intended) for some time until Jace decides to come back from a business trip a night early. Just when Mia and Gabe decided to confess it all to Jace because they no longer want to hide their love, they wanted to flaunt it, Jace walks into Gabe’s apartment and see’s his baby sister in a position he never wanted to see. Let’s just say rope & a whip were involved. AWKWARD! Jace kicks Gabe’s ass while Mia begs Gabe to confess his love for her to Jace but a coward takes over. Mia being very pissed let’s him know the only way he would ever get her back is if he crawled to her. That’s exactly what he did on Christmas Day when he proposed to her in front of hundreds of people and most importantly with Jace & Ash’s blessing. in the end it was a happily ever after that we all say coming.

Now to be completely honest if I had to choose I would say this is my favorite, it’s similar to Gabe’s  with the whole falling in love with a younger woman. The only difference is  Bethany has lived a life very different from Jace’s royalty. Bethany has been in and out of foster homes until she was able to run off with her “brother” Jack and has been living on the streets since then. While catering Mia & Gabe’s party Jace catches a glimpse of her  & feels an instant connection but here’s where the twist comes in. Jace & Ash have always been into doing the same chicks at the same time so when Ash catches Jace staring at Bethany he goes in for the kill. Bethany not knowing where she would sleep that night agrees when Ash’s ask her to be involved in a threesome, I mean would you say no if food was going to be provided. Long story short when Jace begins a serious relationship with Bethany family parties were quite awkward with Ash. I’m not going to get much into detail with this one because in the end it was a wickedly happily ever after. I just feel towards then end Maya Banks ran out of ideas or something because I felt it just kept repeating. Don’t get me wrong I liked the book but I didn’t fall in love with it. Usually when I reach the ending of a book I get this “aww” feeling mixed with relief and excitement but with this one I didn’t. I just closed the book and that was it.

In the end if you’ve read “Fifty Shades of Grey” and still suffering from withdrawal symptoms I would recommend you read them cause it might just satisfy the itch. Now if you’ve never read FSOG you might possibly fall in love the these books more than I did. They were good reads & I will obviously still read “Burn” which is Ash’s love story, as soon as I can get my hands on it, I just have to see how this Trilogy ends.

“Too Many Doses & I’m Starting To Get An Attraction”

If you follow me on Instagram you might have come to the conclusion that I have become highly addicted to this little band, um AVENGED SEVENFOLD! Who am I kidding they are HUGE! Turns out I have been living under a rock all this time because their music is some serious shit & I mean that in a good way. I might even say it has become a daily routine of mine to begin everyday with an A7X song. Words can not express what I feel when I hear one of Synyster Gates guitar solos, GOD panties off!!<—- was that a bit TMI? Don’t get me started on M. Shadows voice cause dude that man has a talent. With that being said I thought I should share with you all some of my favorite Avenged Sevenfold songs.

So Far Away– This was their very first song I heard that I really enjoyed and left me wanting more. The lyrics are very thoughtful and really gets you thinking of how heartbreaking it feels to lose someone very close.

A Little Piece Of Heaven- God don’t I know how to pick them. I’m not sure if any of you have heard Tom Jones ‘Delilah’, well I am completely in love with that song. Basically it’s about him killing the chick because she was a hoe. In this song he kills the chick and well long story short this lyrics pretty much sums it up, “I always knew that my little crime would be cold that’s why I got a heater for your thighs”. Just so you know I am not crazy & I do not plan on killing my significant other at anytime, these songs are just so damn catchy.

Shepherd of Fire- Now this song right here always makes me feel like a total badass when I listen to it. Like I’ve mentioned before M. Shadows has some killer vocals and with this song my theory in fact is proven. “Know me by name Shepherd if fire”.

Buried Alive- I’ve noticed that my music tastes tends to expand into darker places when my biological comes for a visit. Sadly that’s the truth so when he happened to pull one of his infamous stunts when he was here, ‘Buried Alive’ somehow managed to keep me sane. I might even dare say this is my favorite A7X song to this day.

Gunslinger- I love when their songs are soft, yes I know rumor has it many hate the fact that they have gone “mainstream” or whatever young slang one might use, but I believe if one can perform not only one genre but can incorporate many other genres or styles into their music, one is in fact should be considered quite talented, or dare I even say BADASS. Hence the reason why this one made it on my list.
With all this said, call me as you will for having join this fandom so late but it honestly won’t change the fact that Avenged Sevenfold has become and addiction of mine and I will take as many doses as I can get.

Daily Post: A Million Can Equal Books, Tickets & Rainy Days

Gone with the Windfall: You just inherited $1,000,000 from an aunt you didn’t even know existed. What’s the first thing you buy ( or otherwise use the money for)?

To tell you the truth the first thing I would buy isn’t probably the most responsible thing should do but if you know me you’d know better. In all honestly I would probably spend $100- $200 on new books to add to my collection. Literature is equally my therapy as much as a treasure to me, without it in my life I wouldn’t be sane. With that being said the next thing I would do is pay off my $1,000 ticket fee I owe to the state of California for not going to school. Which really bugs me by the way because YES I would go to school about 2 times a week but I still managed to have my grades at a 3.5 average and ended up graduating with honors. I have a theory they only gave it to me because they couldn’t kick me out of the school based on not attending so they just found it easier by holding me back in life with a $1,000 fee before I even started living my life. How the hell do they expect me to attend a college and get a good job if I can’t drive  till I’m 21???? Where the hell would a community college, part-time working student pay that  off?? Sometimes I don’t understand the world. The saddest part though has to be the reasons why I would ditch school was to either stay home and read a really good book that I didn’t want to put down or go volunteer at another school. I wasn’t even out there stirring trouble, I’ll admit a couple of those times might have been to spend all day standing in the heat in Hollywood to meet a couple of celebrities. Yes, those were the “Crazy” ditch days. With the fee & all I do not regret those days one bit so FUCK YOU DEPUTY WHAT’S HIS FACE AND MR. ATTENDENCE GUY IN THE OFFICE….YOU CAN CHOKE ON A BIG ONE!!!! Thank god I left public school sophomore year and tried another alternative that opened my eyes to the possibilities of greatness in the world. Let’s head back on track after paying my ticket I would probably invest in a couple of stocks, help my sister with her financial difficulties in over due bills, as well as donating a good portion into organizations I believe can really use the help. Lastly, I would save the rest for a rainy day or a security fund just if anything happens to pop up unexpectedly  as they always tend to do in my life.

Tuesday Tracks feat. Amy Winehouse & Coldplay

Amy Winehouse- He Can Only Hold Her

On this week’s segment I’ve asked my younger sister who has a similar taste in music as I do but not quite as good. If you ask her she might just say “go fuck yourself” because she’s the type of gal to not give a fuck about what others think (in some cases music being one). With that being said from her wide selection of Dino, Sinatra, Bee Gees, JohnnyCash & Black Keys she made up her mind and went with Amy Winehouse’s ‘He Can Only Hold Her’.  I’ve listened to Ms. Winehouse’s music and did believe  she had great vocal cords which made her quite the talented artist and it’s hard to believe we lost her too soon. I am neither a physic nor a music producer person but from what she left behind & I’ve heard, great things lied ahead in her career. Now I leave you this track for you to enjoy, after hearing my sister play it multiple times, being one after the other I now know why she loves it.

Coldplay- Magic

I have quite the love/ hate relationship when it comes to Coldplay, that being I love their music but I can only listen to it when the moment’s right. For me their music is not the one I would be playing while I have to clean the room or writing a paper. I usually tend to listen to Coldplay as I’m driving and a thought comes to mind and just as my mind is about to go over board ‘Magic‘ comes on and it takes me back to reality. Another perfect moment would be when you are about to knock out after a long day and then suddenly one of their songs comes out on Pandora, it takes you into deep serenity and you lose yourself into unconsciousness thus causing you to dream beautifully. Yes that might have sounded a bit fruity but it’s true. I hope you enjoy this little tune I’ve picked here and I hope it makes you feel beautiful things.

Tuesday Tracks feat. Brantley Gilbert

In all honesty I never thought I would ever listen to Brantley Gilbert let alone fall in love & not only with his music. There’s just something about Brantley that is very hard for me to describe, I don’t know if it’s his attitude or his ability to be a lyrical genius that has me dazed. 

‘You Don’t Know Her Like I Do’

The real reason why I fell passionately in love with this song was because I heard it while I was reading Walking Disaster. It happen to come out on Pandora during the scene that Travis Maddox is all alone and realizing he lost her. It was perfect almost as if it was meant to be the perfect song for Pidge. Yes, I know I’m weird but let’s just try to get over that. Let me get back to reality for second tho, Gilbert really pours his heart out in this one & I totally dig it.

“It might be just too much to bear
To hear somebody say it stops hurting
Or to hear somebody say she ain’t worth it

‘Cause you don’t know her like I do
You’ll never understand
You don’t know we’ve been through
That girl’s my best friend
And there’s no way you’re gonna help me
She’s the only one who can
No, you don’t know how much I’ve got to lose
You don’t know her like I do”

‘More Than Miles’

Ah, the first Brantley Gilbert song I have ever heard and the one that simply made me fall in love with him. I don’t know if I ‘ve mentioned this but I believe Brantley Gilbert is quite the lyric genius and has a serious gift. If you do not believe me just listen to this song and you will change your mind. Basically, what the song is about is the dude wanting to go live out his dream in Nashville, knowing that he left his heart behind but wanting follow his passion. In the end he decides to go back for love. this was obviously going to happen because it’s a love song Duh!

So I’m turning back for Georgia
Stopping short of Tennessee
I can’t put my dreams before her
Man, I need her with me
Cause that girl’s in every song I sing
She’s in every song I write
And that six string ridin’ in her seat
Can sleep in the back tonight
Now I know what I’m supposed to do, yeah
There’s still more than miles in my rear view

Overall I can come to the conclusion that Brantley Gilbert may be a babe but I know for a fact he is a fantastic musician. Make sure to come back next Tuesday for all new tracks.


Books & A SpaceCowboy

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been on here and I do apologize for my absence, why have a blog if I will never post right? Well to honest the reason why I haven’t written much is because my nose has been stuck in books. Yes, you’ve read that right I am a book loving nerd who reads for fun. Don’t judge me!! Some of my recent reads were Perks of Being a Wallflower, which by the way I’m not really sure which one was better the movie or the book. I guess I could say the book did go more into detail and was a bit more intense than the movie. I did finally complete reading The Alchemist by the talented, and my favorite writer Paulo Coehlo. To be honest the ending was everything I expected it to be and totally saw it coming but hey it was good and I felt accomplished in the end. Let’s see what else… Oh yeah I’m not sure if you guys have heard of a little book called Beautiful Disaster or Walking Disaster? Yeah I’m totally digging the Maddox men at the moment & do wish to be refered to as Pidge. If I wanted to ride a Harley really bad before you can only imagine how much I want to ride one post Travis Maddox. Yoy should look forward to reading more about the Maddox men on here because this is only the beginning :)

This is pretty much everything  I’ve been up to apart from getting a job interview at home depot and being forced to pee in a cup. Trust me when I say I am as sober as they come I think in my entire life so far I have gotten drunk twice but I consider those only buzzes because if you can remember the night before, that ain’t nothing. As far as drugs.. do space cakes count? & to think of it I’m pretty chunky so that means one bite size brownie wouldn’t do the job. Anyways I am looking forward to receiveing a call from them sometime time this week, my fingers are crossed because momma needs a brand new pair of shoes. Last but not least I am also providing day care services at my grandmother’s church this week and let’s just say it’s not an easy task taking care of about 18 kids for about 10 hours a day. The hardest part would be now that the rules changed instead of them being able to watch movies and play different board games, we now have to teach them things about God and angels and how to be a better person etc. It’s pretty hard trying to teach or show children  the word of god and god himself when I’m pretty sure I might be atheist. I mean yeah I have faith and do believe in a god you can say but if I had to preach the bible I would rather just read a book about Greek Mythology. I don’t mean to bash, everyone has the right to their own faith and practice but for me you could say I’m a space cowboy when it comes to this topic I mean I have the Science & Faith symbols tattooed next to each other on my arm how more confused can I be. With all that being said I’ve been up to some pretty fascinating things and hope more are on their way. Hope you all have a very wonderful memorial day weekend.


The Old Pick Me Up: with the help of a Rock Legend

What is one word or phrase that immediately cheers you up when you hear it?
Okay so I’m not really sure if this answer is quite accurate for this question but to be honest it works every time. Whenever I am having a bad day & I feel as if it’s only getting worse by the second it always helps to sing my heart out to Tom Petty’s “American Girl” There is not one dull moment when this song is playing. As the intro begins, the tempo takes control & soothes my soul, then he begins to sing about an american girl wanting more in life & he consoles my heart. I might sound foolish but let me be, technically all it takes is one word or phrase from this song to take me to my happy place. 

It’s The Truth I’m Only Human

This is the type of question that the good side of you wants to go one way and the not so good side wants to go the other & to be honest I’m quite Bi-polar. I don’t really believe in holding grudges because it is just another thing holding you back from seeing the truth or reality. Although there are some things that you just can’t forgive and forget, it’s not as simple. Like if a friendship for many years when down the dumps because Sally kissed Sue’s bae, that would be as simple as a forgive and forget. Yeah I’d probably slap Sally but hey things happen. Now if  Sue slept with Sally’s bae as revenge for the seconds of saliva swapping then a grudge would be acceptable. Although now putting it that way it seems like Sue never quite forgave nor forgotten. Wow was the circle of life or what. In all seriousness I try to and sometimes succeed in forgiving and forgetting but truthfully I am only human. Life has brought many challenging obstacles in my path,  probably even more on their way since I am only 18 but what would be the point of living life if your soul wasn’t wounded a tiny bit. We are all mad in our own it could easily be that your mother didn’t feed your fish when you went away for a week & it died. Or even bigger like a mother not being able to look at her husband because if wouldn’t have taken the wheel after to many tequila shots her son would probably still be alive. I guess with all this said the best conclusion I can draw is simple, I try to forgive and forget but deep down inside, in the back of mind, there is a pit full forgiveness that has not been forgotten.  

Tuesday Tracks feat. Hunter Hayes & Thomas Rhett

Hunter Hayes –Wildcard

It feels as if it was just yesterday that Hunter Hayes premiered his number 1 single ‘I Want Crazy’ that made hundreds of girls fall in love. I knew that wouldn’t be the end of him, he would come back & he did better than ever. If you have not yet listened to his new single ‘Wildcard’ you are missing out on some serious stuff. Just like all of his other hits the tempo is all there, upbeat & fun, but it’s his lyrics that have me falling every time. 

Baby you’re my wildcard my perfect little twist of fate. You’re my first spark, shot in the dark favorite part of everything.

I swear I could hear an accordion playing throughout the entire song which makes it even more amazing. I don’t know what it is about an accordion that just gets me all giddy. In all honesty, Hunter Hayes, is sticking around for quite sometime so you might as well get used to it. Hunter’s talent is definitely something to admire & most of all enjoy.

Thomas Rhett – Get Me Some of That

Oh my, my , my Thomas Rhett! My first impression when first hearing ‘It Goes Like This’  was “hmm he’s not so bad”, then something happened after I heard the song while watching the music video. Aside from the obvious talent Thomas Rhett also has the looks.  ‘It Goes Like This’ was on repeat for months until I heard ‘Get Me Some of That’, now this one’s on repeat. Don’t even get me started on this music video because I’d probably never stop talking about the way he moves his hips side to side. I mean the way he looks with that baseball cap on & the scruffy beard *I’m done* it’s too much. I’m excited to see what this man here has in store for us next, there’s no doubt it’s going to be as good as these & hey maybe even better.

Happy St. Paddy’s Day ‘MCM Edition’

In honor of it being St. Paddy’s Day on this beautiful Monday morning I thought what could be better than sharing with all of you some of my favorite lads. From their beautiful way of speaking to their gorgeous hair and dreamy eyes these Irish hunks have it all.

Jaime Dornan, ‘The Fall’, ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

Of course this gorgeous lad from Belfast was going to be number one on my list, I mean who could resist master Grey….I mean Mr. Grey. 



Danny O`Donoghueat the Groucho ClubLondon, England

Danny O Donoghue, ‘The Voice UK’, ‘The Script’

“I’m wide awake but i’m barely breathing….” just praying that I can land myself a man like this. This man right here can sing to me ever night if he pleases. 



Colin O’Donoghue, ‘Once Upon a Time’


“I burn, I pine, I perish” Look at those dreamy eyes & when he suits up as Captain Hook, Colin, totally make guy-liner look sexy. 








& of course this guy because he’s simply magical & delicious. 



Tuesday Tracks feat. Adele & Snow Patrol

Adele- Turning Tables

I have been quite a fan when it comes to Adele, I mean who isn’t, but recently i’ve had the need to listen to her 24/7 & well this song has become one of my all time favorites. Adele’s ‘Turning Tables‘ is about being brave enough to walk away before one is remotely close to being broken down or even worse ending up with a broken heart. Truthfully, it is quite a powerful song & that’s one of my reason for choosing this song for one of my  first Tuesday tracks of this year. If you don’t believe me listen for yourself I know you’ll fall in love.

Snow Patrol- Set Fire to the Third Bar ft. Martha Wainwright

It hit me not so long ago when I was browsing on Pandora that I am quite fond of Snow Patrol. ‘Chasing Cars’ has been my favorite song since I can remember, then ‘Run’ came along & I thought maybe that had changed. It was when I finally heard ‘Set Fire to the Third Bar’ that I knew I couldn’t choose, I loved them all too much. When it comes to this week’s track ‘Set Fire to the Third Bar’ I don’t think it was  the lyrics that made me fall in love with the song, it was more that I fell in love with the melody. The rhythm is calm and steady at first but when the chorus comes in BAM!!  To be honest if this song had no lyrics it would do just fine, I would even say a perfect symphony , just hearing how the instruments work you would both feel & understand what the song is about. Only great talented artist can do such a thing so congrats to Snow Patrol for being such badass & props to Martha Wainwright for sealing the deal with her killer vocals. Enjoy.

Where This Year Is Headed

It had been quite a year & it’s barely March moving from state to state has not been an easy task. Changes in weather and work environment has not been a smooth transition and neither has the fact of not  having a place to call my own. Although, that has changed finally I can have a long and tiring day at work but know I have somewhere to relax on my next day off. Which leads me to my next big point, last year I only blogged about 6 times and there were 365 days but 2013 wasn’t much of a good year for me. Things that I wouldn’t even bother to share but I will say I’m very glad for the way things turned out because it was about time we saw they way things actually  were. I’ve wasted the first 3 months of this year settling but I am determined in making the following 296 days into something. Whether it’s brightening someone’s day, making a complete fool of myself, or simply just writing something that might never be read, I plan on doing it. I’ve drifted a lot this past year & truly forgot how passionate I am towards writing that I regret ever leaving it in the first place. All this being said I leave you with a saying from my favorite writer of all time Paulo Coehlo & if all goes well I will be back tomorrow with an all new Tuesday Track.




79 Just A Number Or More Than That

Seems like just a number but to me it’s a bit more.
It’s been 79 exciting new days.
It’s been 79 long & tiring days.
It’s been 79 boring days.
It’s been 79 interesting days.
It’s been 79 days of exploring new places.
It’s  been  79 days of seeing new faces.
It’s been 79 days of living & making bitter-sweet memories.
It’s been 79 days of finding myself.
It’s been 79 days of losing myself once again.
It’s been 79 days since I’ve written a single sentence, let alone a single thought. 
It’s been 79 days of complete silence but it wasn’t the end.
It’s been 79 days & finally I’m back.  
It’s been quite a while since I haven’t shared a single word with any of you & some of you have wondered where I’ve been I thought what could be better than explaining these crazy 3 months with a take on poetry. I’m back & hope to share more with you before the new year comes around. 

Hello My Name Is Boring, Nice To Meet You

Moving to a new place means meeting new faces and  I think I am the biggest Grinch when it comes that. Those of you who know me know that I hate to socialize; why is that? I don’t know but I’m sure if you ask a professional they might say trust issues, actions in the past but basically the only way to get rid of that is growing a pair and moving forward but it just doesn’t happen over night. Since I have recently embarked on a new chapter in my life and moved to another state this means long introductions of myself over and over again. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind sharing a few details about my life to potential friends and distant family members but it does kind of grind my gears when many of the responses you get come out something like this: “damn really that’s boring” or the sensitive one “wow, your boring”.  Well that’s nice, it’s nice to meet you too.

I get it I’m not the typical 18 year old I do not enjoy getting “turned up” (yes they asked me in those exact words) Yes, I enjoy listening to Elton john on a Friday night while watching oh so many romantic comedies & wishing I lived in one. No I do night like to get “faded” or post photos on Facebook holding a beer bottle awkwardly positioning next to my lips & “pretending” to chugg the whole thing, when in reality I would never cause it tastes like shit. Yes, I would rather watch a game of monopoly or scrabble then an actual sport. What’s the point, if I wanted to see big “tough guys” in tights I could just Google it. No, I am not the type of person who categorizes myself because I only listen to a specific genre of music. I am the kind of person who enjoys listening to a little bit of everything & I mean even Country music, I can get down to a little Zac Brown Band. I’d rather stay in read a  book, or write then go out to the movies or shopping. I hate to dance but enjoy the feeling of falling into deep serenity with some of my favorites on full blast. I enjoy living up in the clouds and later coming back down when reality knocks me hard. I love what I do, how I do it & who I choose to do it with. I love being me and even though I tend to discover something new about myself everyday that would never change the fact that I am the odd, nervous wreck who enjoys pina coladas & getting caught in the rain. If you think I am a boring person then that’s fine but next time think twice before labeling a person (I do not mean this in a crazy nutcase sort of way—–>) Like they say, it’s always the quiet ones that surprise you in the end.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion so that’s fine but please if your going to call me boring be sure to hand me a penny because I could be one rich motherfucker right now. For those readers who continue to follow thank you & I promise more wackiness to come.


Tuesday Tracks feat. The Female Heartbreak

The past week has been a long one partly because I had to make some quite big decisions for myself and my future & I’m hoping I chose the right path. One of the big decisions I had to do was choose to take a break from college, yes some of you might have been like “WooHoo! no school but for me it sucks. Especially, because I was really enjoying it and from my previous posts you knew how in love I was with my Anthropology class and to have to rip the band aid right off it hurt. AND IS STILL HURTING. Good news, you can say I will have a lot of free time to focus on my writing again, with that said I bring you this weeks Tuesday Tracks.

Cassadee Pope- Wasting All These Tears

I have been a fan of Pope for a couple of years now, I believe since I first heard her sing “Candles” but when she was performing with ‘Hey Monday’. When I found out she had auditioned for ‘The Voice’ 7 was chosen to be on Blake’s group I thought it was going to be the start of greatness. Then when I found out she was leading towards country music I was like “what?”, you can say a bit skeptical, but that all changed when I heard “Wasting All These Tears”. I WAS HOOKED! “& you left me standing on the corner crying, feeling like a fool for trying…..” The lyrics make it a typical song you can sing, cry and drink along to. (Note: Never do I drink over a heartbreak because that has yet happened to me but if “I was about that life” then I would do it) The banjo playing in the intro of the song catches you in an instant, confession I actually have it as a ringtone. *I probably shouldn’t have said that, oh well here goes another one* Another reason why I love this song, when I first heard it I was all hung up on Grey’s Anatomy (still am & can’t wait for season 10 BTW look for that post coming soon) I thought Cassadee looked a lot like Lexie Grey & would picture her singing this song to Mark Sloan. I know what you are thinking “This bitch is CRAY!” fuck it, it’s true. I highly recommend this track & once I hear more from Cassadee Pope I promise I will share.

Natalie Imbruglia- Torn

Our feature artist up above auditioned for ‘The Voice’ using Natalie’s “Torn” & she did do it justice. Cassadee sang it beautifully and with a lot of emotion something that many can’t do with this song, well that is except for the one who made it happen in the first place. I don’t even know what words I could use to describe Imbruglia’s “Torn” because they simply won’t explain it all. This is one of those songs a girls sings along to when she one her *hmmm period* hates life, feels like no man will ever want her, wants to throw and rip everything. Although for me not so much because when I actually try to sing along the only lyrics that come out are “I thought i saw a fly brought to man”, never do I get them right. The only one who might have actually gotten the lyrics right could be C. Pope (I’ll post the audition video so you can be the judge) i recommend you listen to the original as well, i promise you will love it.

I hope you all enjoyed this week’s post & I promise you I will be back next week with all new tracks. For my daily readers I promise I will try my best to at least post more than once this week & thank you for still checking up every chance you get.

Great things lie ahead, I promise.

-Alondra O

First Week of College Life…..Eh

This week was my first week of college life at Cerritos and how was it? Well, lets just say……

I LOVED IT!!!!!!!

You might be thinking how is that even possible? Well the trick is to get classes you are going to enjoy taking or classes that you won’t know shit about but your up for the challenge and there’s a possibility in the end you might have actually found it fascinating.  With that said my enrollment date was a piece of crap I didn’t have many classes left to choose from so I had to go with Business Math, Public Relations, Intro to Anthropology and Intro to Geology. Haven’t done much with Buisness and Public Relations because they are online and the professor is waiting till next week to start but I did attend my Geo and Anthro class on Tuesday and Wednesday from 7PM to 950PM. Yes,it’s a night course but you gotta do what you gotta do. Geo was alright basic reduce, reuse, recycle, earth, mother nature, pollution all that stuff, it’s alright but my Anthropology is WOW! I think I might actually be my favorite class of all this semester. Although, I’m not quite sure why I decided to take that class on my first semester of college because what I’ve heard from it is it is one of the HARDEST courses any student can take in college. Not going to lie hearing that scares me a bit but I think I up and capable for the challenge.

Another thing I really enjoy about this whole college life is the financial help, it sure did come in handy. After buying my books I had some money  left over and the first thing I did was buy myself some back to school clothes because I honestly didn’t have anything to appropriate to wear to school. All I had was cut off shorts that wear made from hand-me-down slacks, 1 pair of hand-me-down jeans and the shirts were in decent condition so you probably know how I might have felt when I bought myself a new fresh pair of pants. IT WAS HEAVEN.  I was also able to by myself a functional laptop that is….*drumroll please* touch screen, so I will be able be able to access wordpress a lot more then the past couple of months. Basically I ends this with saying college life is good, at least for now, and i’m excited for what lies ahead.